Tianhong Shi, Clint LaLonde, Geoffrey Gevalt, Janet Hauck : Snippets

A few folk replied with quick definitions or suggestions:

Tianhong Shi (@tianhongshi ) suggested “Literacy Is NOT Enough: 21st Century Fluencies for the Digital Age” by Crockett, Jukes, and Churches (2012).

Clint LaLonde (@edtechfactotum ) “I am partial to the phrase digital fluency vs digital literacy.”

Geoffory Gevalt (@ggevalt) “Digital literacy is the ability to express, in digital media and spaces, with respect, clarity, skill and imagination and to discern the difference between fiction and truth.”

Janet Hauck [SPU’s new business, govenerment, and economics librarian] emailed us a reflection “I find that I, as a librarian, tend to go right to the “literacy” aspect of digital literacy, and focus on making sure users are able to evaluate digital sources for appropriateness (read: “Authority is Constructed and Contextual”) while the non-librarians I’ve asked tend to focus more on the “digital” piece. To them, this means the ability to effectively use a wide variety of digital tools and platforms. “

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