How to contribute

Getting involved

If you’re interested in contributing please get in touch.

At this point we’ve closed the Google form for contributions

These were the four questions we asked.

What is Digital Literacy?

What impact does digital literacy have on your personal, professional, and spiritual* life?

*However you interpret this.

Write up to 500 words split between these prompts, link to a response on your blog, or record a brief video, or a soundbite, or tweet, or contribute in some other way.

Who are you? (context matters)

Say something about who you are that frames your perspective. These are not anonymous contributions so please provide a name and contact email.


For text you send to us to post on this blog we can default to copyright the author with permission granted for us to publish or quote. If you’re happy with putting an open license onto your work, please let us know what license you’d prefer. An open license might let us all do something else with this but it’s not required.