David Rither is the Senior Instructional Designer in Audio/Video Production at Seattle Pacific University. He works with faculty to create instructional materials through the use of audiovisual production to enhance the scholastic experience. As a video producer, he can take a basic idea or concept and through collaboration develop how it will best work as a video. David is passionate about video’s growing role in our everyday lives—both as consumers, but also as creators as filmmaking tools become increasingly accessible. Empowering faculty to use this medium to tell stories and share ideas, David scaffolds each step of the process—from planning, to scripting, recording, and editing, to adding the finishing touches like graphics and music that make a video as effective a tool as it can be.
David received his BA in English Literature from Seattle Pacific University where his study of narrative and story inspired him to learn how they function in the medium of video.

Recent Productions

David Silcox-Rither