Meet The Team

Clara Hall

Born and raised in Seattle, with the booming science and technology industry all around me, I have always had an interest in math and sciences. During high school, I played a lot of sports, with that, several injuries followed. After tearing both of my ACLs, MCLs and Meniscus’ in high school, and requiring three knee surgeries, I was told I’d have to quit my love for sports, as I will most likely need knee replacements in my distant future. This is where my love for engineering really unfolded. My interest about my future health, along with my mother’s multiple hip surgeries led me to grow a fondness of learning about prosthetics, and with that, the subject of mechanical engineering, specifically relating to the medical field.  I am currently a fourth-year student at Seattle Pacific University studying Mechanical Engineering, and hope to apply my experience in SolidWorks, 3-D printing, machining, and fabricating and Microsoft, as well as my computational analysis and leadership skills to collaborate and create the Medicine Monitor with the well-balanced peers consisting of Team DOSE. My role as a part of team DOSE is the schedule keeper, and the analytical mechanical Engineering lead

Wesley Tiff

I am a student at Seattle Pacific University in my senior year pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am a hard driven individual managing both a full-time job as well as a full-time student curriculum. Although at times it has been difficult managing both, it has made me more ambitious. My drive comes from my personal struggles, and abilities to overcome hardships; my work experiences include motivating and supporting others, delegating tasks, and thinking creatively. I have accomplished troubleshooting skills and assisted several schools and community programs, such as: tutoring, and teachers assistant. I am proficient in Solid works and 3-D modeling design; experienced with Python, and C++. One of my hobbies is printing and building 3-D models I design. My role as a part of team DOSE is the fall quarter facilitator, project manager and integration lead.

Justin Mak

Growing up in Seattle, Washington, I felt lucky to be able to grow up in an area with developing technology companies that are big in STEM. I would look back at my childhood and remember visiting the Museum of Flight and looking up in awe at the amazing airplanes and the Boeing factory floor that went on forever. From that point on, I had a feeling that this is a place I felt I wanted to be in my future. Looking towards today, I am now a senior studying mechanical engineering at Seattle Pacific University. My passion and interest for engineering and advancement in technology remains however along the way with topics on climate change and renewable energy, I believe engineers have an expectation to improve in technology responsibly and safely. I hope to offer my skills in SOLIDWORKS, Microsoft programs and machining and fabricating to make the Medicine Monitor a practical and helpful device to remind those to take their medication on time and cannot wait to continue working with a great team such as team DOSE. My role for fall quarter is the head mechanical engineering lead.

Quan Nguyen

I am currently a senior pursuing a 4-year degree in mechanical engineering at Seattle Pacific University. I grew up in Saigon, Vietnam, where my love for engineering was formed by seeing airplanes fly overhead. My dad used to take me to the airport for plane spotting every weekend, and I got to see airplanes at such a close range that I could see the electric wires on the landing gear, which left me with so many questions about how they work. Curiosity has led me to the career path of mechanical engineering. From playing Lego and making scaled model airport, engineering has always been a part of my life, and I enjoyed every aspect of it, from planning, designing, to final product. I’m proficient in SolidWorks, Python, 3D printing, and workshop machines. With my skills and knowledge, I hope I can work in the aerospace industry in the future and fulfill my childhood dream. For the fall quarter, my role is the budgeter, embedded SolidWorks mechanical engineering lead.

Drew Bell

I am a passionate Electrical Engineering student, highly interested in the medical industry and driven by my motivation to positively impact and further the well-being of people across the board. My first experience with electronics was in FIRST Robotics in high school, which sparked my curiosity and helped me to develop a skillset and work ethic that I am continuing to expand. I currently work at Fujifilm Sonosite as a System Integration Testing Intern, designing and automating tests to ensure the effectiveness and quality of POC Ultrasound in its ability to serve a wider variety of patients. My contributions to Team DOSE are formally the Electrical Lead and meeting recorder/note-keeper. 

Ethan Yoo

I am a computer engineering student at Seattle Pacific University currently in my senior year. I’ve always loved working with programming and computers from a young age and have jumped at every opportunity I had to learn more. I took electives, participated in my high school’s robotics team, and tinkered with various programs and electronics in my spare time. I am proficient in many programming languages, including C++, Python, Assembly, MATLAB and R. I am also experienced in Windows application design and usage of both Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno microcontrollers. I hope to contribute my skills to making the Medicine Monitor with the rest of Team DOSE. As a part of team DOSE, my roles are the computer engineering and programming lead.