Information Studies at SPU

Information Studies explores the dynamic relationships between information, technology, and people. As new information technologies such as artificial intelligence continue to transform our lives and world, new competencies as well as critical reflection are needed for responsible engagement with the opportunities and challenges facing our information society.

The Information Studies minor at Seattle Pacific University examines the creation and use of information and digital technologies and prepares students to thrive academically, professionally, and spiritually in our information-rich and digitally-networked world.

Consisting of 15 credits in Information Studies and 15 credits of electives from other disciplines, this minor is designed to supplement a broad range of majors and includes technological knowledge and skills essential for a variety of careers.

Program distinctives:

Unique and relevant: Explore emerging issues at the intersection of information, technology, and faith in Seattle

Experiential and practical: Engage in active learning experiences and develop competencies for the digital age

Reflective and integrative: Critically and theologically reflect on information and technology and design a capstone research project or internship experience

Core courses:

Information and Attention: How are our lives changing in a high-tech world?

Digital Literacy and Life: How do we live well in the digital age?

Information and Society: What digital challenges are facing Seattle?

For further information, contact program director Dr. Michael Paulus.