Core Courses for Minor

INF 2000 Information and Attention (5 credits): This class examines how the abundance of information being created by both human and artificial agents has made attention one of our most important commodities, competencies, and disciplines. Students will explore current topics at the intersection of information, technology, and faith, as well as learn strategies for critical reflection on and ethical participation in our informationally rich and technologically complex world.

INF 3100 Digital Literacy and Life (3 credits): This class explores the digital dimension of personal, professional, and spiritual lives in the digital age and introduces strategies for cultivating identity and agency in networked environments. Students will learn critical skills for discovering, analyzing, and using information and information technologies as well as how to approach information and information technologies with reflective and ethical questions.

INF 3500 Information and Society (5 credits): This class examines the cultural role of information in history, in expectations of the future, and in our present digital age. Themes include the creation and communication of knowledge, the media and institutions that transmit information and knowledge over time, the ways societies shape and are shaped by information, and the causes and effects of information inequality. This course utilizes service-learning as a framework to understand the ways in which information affects those living in the Seattle area.

INF 4940 Internship (2 credits) or INF 4970 Independent Research (2 credits): An integrative research project or internship.

Other Courses

INF 1000: Digital Competency (1-2 credits): Digital competency is critical for academic, professional, and personal success. The introductory course provides students with a core set of understandings, skills, and behaviors related to information and digital literacies.

INF 4950: Topics in Information Studies (1-5 credits): An advanced course studying a special interest topic in information studies.