The Incentive Spirometer 2.0

Our Vision

Make inhalation and exhalation therapy tools more accessible and reliable. Engaging with the patient for a more enjoyable experience while allowing doctor’s to properly evaluate a patient’s performance for an improved medical evaluation.

The Problem

Patients are prescribed therapy that requires them to use an Incentive Spirometer, but either out of laziness or forgetfulness, the patient does not follow their doctors’ orders. The doctor needs to confirm that the patient can perform these exercises before they are discharged from the hospital and take the device home with them for gradual unmonitored improvement and recovery. Currently, there is no way for doctors to verify that their patient has completed the therapy that they were prescribed. The cost needs to be comparable to current models.

Our Solution

Our goal is to design and build an ergonomic design that engages the patient user with use of the device while they are recovering. We will design the product with an incentive spirometer, oscillatory positive expiratory pressure (OPEP) device with electronic recording module to track successful therapeutic repetitions. While the incentive spirometer facilitates inhalation therapy by helping recover the alveoli, the OPEP module will perform expiratory therapy by causing resistance to break down one’s phlegm in the lungs. The laser sensor system will audibly and visually notify the user and record the number of successful of inhalations for the doctor to confirm when checking on the patient. Even when the patient is tired or forgetful, the electronic module’s integrated alarm will remind the patient to perform their inhalation exercise.

Elevator Pitch Video