ETM is available on campus and online; contact us ; book an appointment or come to our online drop-in hours on Friday

ETM’s mission is to support faculty and staff in their use of educational technology for teaching and learning.  We know that some of you are just beginning to use technology in your teaching, while others have a great deal of experience.  Whatever your starting point, we’re here to come alongside you and help you with the digital dimension of your course whether it’s on campus, online, blended, or remote. 

We’re grateful for everyone’s dedication and hard work in helping our students continue learning throughout the pandemic. As we return to more normal operations we hope that you will continue to explore some of the things you tried during our remote shift. Whether you’re teaching in campus, online, or in some other form of blended or hybrid format, we’re here to help you explore and develop the digital side of your course. The list below highlights the resources we have available to support you: 

  • Our technology tools summary page provides a brief introduction to the tools we support at SPU. 
  • If you need “how to” instructions, please check out ETM’s wiki.  
  • Our pedagogy section provides additional guidance for designing and delivering future online, blended, or remote courses. 
  • If you have questions, please email and we’re happy to assist. 
  • If your students need help with using SPU’s tools, please direct them to the student resources wiki page supported by the library. 

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