A Conversation on Technology Selection in the Classroom

Karen Park/ January 27, 2021/ Technology/ 0 comments

One cannot first choose a pedagogy and then a technology; pedagogy is the thoughtful combination of methods, technologies, social and physical designs and on-the-fly interactions to produce learning environments, student experiences, activities, outcomes or whatever your preferred way is of thinking about what we do in education. All elements inevitably shape the ways in which the other elements are used

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ETM Winter Academy 2020 Conversations Recap

Brennanstewart/ December 18, 2020/ Workshop/ 0 comments

Course Planning & Alignment How course planning can help faculty do less work.  What worked well for our faculty last quarter?  For faculty who recorded their lecture content in advance, they found more time for planning activities and engaging with students during the actual run of the course. After adding captions to their media and providing information through multiple modalities, faculty felt comfortable with the outcomes their students

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ETM Winter Academy 2020

Rjr1/ November 30, 2020/ Workshop/ 1 comments

ETM is offering an academy from November 30, 2020 through January 31, 2021. This academy was designed to be as flexible as possible. Modules do not need to be completed in order and participants can choose from four larger modules or 13 bite-sized modules. Participants who complete all four modules and have a 20 minute conversation with an Instructional Designer

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How to Humanize Your Online Course

Debibearden/ November 20, 2020/ Course Design/ 0 comments

“Cognition and emotion are the two sides of the same coin” – Zaretta Hammond The infographic below, created by expert Michelle Pacansky-Brock and the T&L Innovations @ CI team, captures the key ideas of humanizing your online course. Some of the suggestions include how to facilitate your online course, excellent elements of course design, insight into learning domains, and how to promote a Community of Inquiry. Humanizing your course is a first step in fostering community within your course. As students see

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Ideas Blog

Dominic Williamson/ October 13, 2020/ News/ 0 comments

Sometimes we find things that are great ideas, that are innovative, fun, or useful. Things that at some point we hope to do more with but that we don’t immediately have time to customize or write up. They’re here to inspire. If you want to work on something connected to these – let us know! Wikipedia in Education Here’s a

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