Workshop – Digital Belonging II: Increasing community in your course site to foster student belonging

Seo, Grace (Educational Tech & Library)/ February 5, 2024/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

The recording of the 2nd session from our Digital Belonging workshop series is now available for you below. Save the dates for the 3rd session of Digital Belonging – Feb. 14th for an in-person session at noon and Feb. 16th for an online session at 10 am. We’ll discuss “Digital Belonging III: How are your students doing? using early assignments,

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Workshop – Digital Belonging I: Increasing your digital presence to foster student belonging

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For colleagues who were unable to attend our session on Digital Belonging I: Increasing your digital presence to foster student belonging last week, we have recorded the online session for you. This week, we are offering the second series of Digital Belonging, “Increasing Digital Community to Foster Student Belonging.” We invite you to join us either in person on Wednesday,

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Poll Everywhere 101 Workshop

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For colleagues who were unable to attend our live session on Poll Everywhere 101 this week, we’ve prepared an instructional video for you. In this workshop, we talked about what Poll Everywhere is, its practical applications in teaching, its various activity types, provide instructions for accessing it, and share information on its integration with Canvas. We also have detailed step-by-step

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Panopto 101 Workshop

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We hosted a Panopto 101 workshop this week. For colleagues who were unable to attend our live session, here is the instructional video created just for you. In this video, we covered the basics of Panopto, including examples of how to use Panopto in teaching, compared Zoom to Panopto, explained how to access Panopto, install the Panopto recorder app, share

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Canvas 101 Workshop

Seo, Grace (Educational Tech & Library)/ September 21, 2023/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Overview We recorded our Canvas 101 workshop to cover the essential features of Canvas for instructors in case you are unable to attend our live session. Videos The topics cover the Canvas dashboard, global navigation menu, notification settings, Inbox, Canvas homepage, course navigation menu, announcements, modules, course syllabus, assignments, SpeedGrader, and People in Canvas. For detailed step-by-step instructions, please visit

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2023 Open Education Week Celebration at SPU

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International Open Education (OE) Week is here at SPU! ETM and the Library are hosting an OE event (a conversation on open and affordable textbooks) to celebrate the open education efforts at SPU. Research As part of the celebration at SPU, ETM’s associate director, Dr. Grace Seo, presented her recently completed dissertation research: Sustaining Open Educational Resources (OER) initiatives in

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Assessing Inclusivity and Accessibility: A Student Employee’s Perspective

Jessflores/ March 9, 2022/ 3. Digital Age Learning Environments, Course Design, Critical Thinking, digital learning environment, leadership, online learning, pedagogy, practice, reflection, Technology/ 0 comments

Hi there! My name is Jess Flores and I am a fourth year student here at Seattle Pacific University (SPU). I currently work as a student assistant employee in the Educational Technology and Media department (ETM) here at SPU. A portion of my work in this position has been focused on the technological side of education, as ETM functions largely

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Seven C’s from the Winter Academy 2021-2022

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CommunityHow is community fostered in the program? In individual courses? Outside of the courses?What are students expecting to get out of their program community?What types of students will participate and drive the community?How can students slip through the cracks of community, and how can we patch those cracks?CollegialityWhat other voices are allowed input into the program design?Who can I run

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Reflecting on our OER Grants process

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Kristen Hoffman and I are running a series of small OER or open text grants for SPU faculty (and staff). We’re really excited about the projects that we have underway with faculty from a huge range of departments. We’ll have more to say but as a point of reference this was the application format we used. We’ll continue to issue

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