ETM Winter Academy 2020

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ETM is offering an academy from November 30, 2020 through January 31, 2021. This academy was designed to be as flexible as possible. Modules do not need to be completed in order and participants can choose from four larger modules or 13 bite-sized modules.

Participants who complete all four modules and have a 20 minute conversation with an Instructional Designer in ETM are eligible for a certificate too.

About the Academy

This online course is split into 4 asynchronous modules that focus on the topics listed below.

1. Aligning your Course

Aligning your course focuses on understanding the importance of course alignment, backwards course design, and creating SMART Learning Objectives. Instructors are encouraged to create a Course Map, to help instructors think about how the course content, activities, assessments, and selected technologies, help support learning objectives.

2. Applying the Remote Teaching Template

Applying the Remote Teaching Template focuses on being able to import SPU’s Remote Teaching Template from Canvas Commons, the benefits of a common course structure and its impact on the student experience, as well as how to incorporate and adjust the template to meet your teaching needs.

3. Creating Community & Belonging

Creating Community & Belonging focuses on how instructors should be intentional in how they work to create community & belonging in an online course. It talks about how community and belonging impact student success and persistence in a course and it helps instructors identify some natural connection points. It also prompts instructors to think about their course and how welcoming their course is and how they might make changes to be more intentional when cultivating community.

4. Evaluating your Course Climate.

This last module focuses on knowing how your online students are doing and experiencing their course. This is different from knowledge checks and course evaluations done at the end of the term. In this module, instructors will learn how to identify ways to take the “pulse” of their course in different modalities, how to incorporate some design strategies to improve course climate, as well as how to collect and implement student feedback into their courses.

Faculty Discussions

In addition to the four modules, ETM hosted Course Chats held via Zoom, the week of December 7th. These chats focused on instructors sharing their experiences and reflecting on how the past quarter went.

  1. Monday – How course planning helped me do less work
  2. Tuesday – How the remote teaching template helped my students succeed
  3. Wednesday – Practices that helped you show up and create belonging for your students
  4. Thursday – I can’t see you, so how do I know how you’re doing
  5. Friday – Free for all, bring your own topic

Bite Sized Badges

Finally, there are 13 bite-sized badges that participants can earn in the Winter Academy that recognize the development of skills that an instructor might learn while working on their online course.


Applying Document Structure

Generating Video Captions & Transcripts

Embedding Accessibility Throughout a Course

Course Design

Holistic Design

Usability Design

Module Design

Interaction Design

Welcome/Intro Videos


Incorporating Diverse Perspectives and Texts

Providing Diverse Examples (especially when running an assessment)


Incorporating non-textual responses

Incorporating Reflection and Personalization

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