1. ETM has created a series of videos to introduce you to Panopto. Topics include
    • What is Panopto?
    • Recording videos
    • Editing
    • Sharing
    • Captions
  2. ETM has also created an extensive playlist of short How To video for Panopto
  3. When do I use Panopto vs. Zoom?
  4. There are two ways you’ll interact with Panopto: the app and the website.  The Panopto app/program is for making recordings.  The Panopto website is for managing recordings.
  5. Here are instructions for creating a Panopto video. One thing to bear in mind is that it can take some time for videos to process, so don’t leave creating video until the last minute!
  6. Here are instructions for recording a PPT
  7. Here are some recording tips.
  8. You should add Panopto to Canvas.  Doing this makes it easier for students to watch videos and record assessments, and it makes it easier for instructors to record, manage, and publish their video content.
  9. Your Zoom recordings are transferred to Panopto automatically. This means that when you share your Zoom recordings with people, you need to do through Panopto.
  10. Panopto videos can be shared with people who aren’t in your class. 
  11. Check out our video titled “Better Looking Videos in Zoom and Panopto in Under Two Minutes”