1. ETM has created a series of videos to introduce you to Zoom.  Topics include
    • Introduction to Zoom
    • Running a Meeting
    • Scheduling Meetings and Canvas Integration
    • Zoom Best Practices
    • Recording Zoom meetings
    • Zoom Security
  2. ETM has also created an extensive playlist of short How To videos for Zoom
  3. Set up your account. A basic Zoom account will allow you to hold a meeting for 40 minutes or less.  If you need to hold longer meetings, you’ll need a pro account. 
  4. Download the Zoom desktop app. This will give you a better Zoom experience than just using the Zoom website.  Remember to use SPU’s single sign on when you sign into the app.
  5. When do I use Zoom vs. Panopto?
  6. You can (and probably should!) schedule regular class meetings through Canvas.  This way your students will have all of the information about your class in one place (Canvas) and this will make life simpler for them.  To do this, you need to add Zoom to Canvas
  7. You can record your meetings in Zoom.  This allows to students to view class again.  Note that if you record your Zoom meetings to the cloud, these recordings are automatically transferred to Panopto.  Note that videos take a while to process, so don’t expect them to be available immediately.  Here’s a video which explains how this works.
  8. One of Zoom’s features is polling which enables students to vote or state their opinion through polls.
  9. Another feature is breakout rooms which allows you to divide a class into small discussion groups. 
  10. Check out our video titled “Better Looking Videos in Zoom and Panopto in Under Two Minutes”

Additional resources: