Doug Belshaw: an Enigma & Zeugma

What is digital literacy?

An enigma, a zeugma, an attempt to apply an analogue term to the digital world. I wrote my doctoral thesis on this topic.

What impact does digital literacy have on your personal, professional, and spiritual* life? (*However you interpret this.)

A constant struggle to understand a world in which I spend most of my time.

Who are you? (context matters)

I’m a husband, a father, and an educator. I define myself by my values, which revolve around openness in many different forms. I suspect that the version you want is that I’m Doug Belshaw, and among other things I lead the MoodleNet project ), formed a co-op and I’m a consultant.

3 thoughts on “Doug Belshaw: an Enigma & Zeugma”

  1. I looked it up… Zeugma …and kind of got it, but also got confused 😉 Is Doug trying to say applying digital to literacy or literacy to digital is a questuonable thing?

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