What is digital literacy?

What do you think?

It’s perhaps not surprising that there are different answers to this question and every answer we’ve found has limits and challenges. We want to try to introduce our students to the richness of the question and to ask how this plays out in all of life.

Inspired by Purpos/ed  and the Open Faculty Patchbook we’re hoping to be able to share with our students (and all of you) the richness and thorniness of this question as they seek to explore what digital literacy is and make choices about how it relates to each facet of their life.

Our course context

INF 3100 Digital Literacy and Life (3 credits): This class explores the digital dimension of personal, professional, and spiritual lives in the digital age and introduces strategies for cultivating identity and agency in networked environments. Students will learn critical skills for discovering, analyzing, and using information and information technologies as well as how to approach information and information technologies with reflective and ethical questions.”

John Robertson & Cindy Strong @ Seattle Pacific University