LGBTQIA+ in Christian Higher Ed.

Seattle Pacific University is just one of several Christian universities in the United States that is in conflict with a founding denomination and leadership over LGBTQIA+ inclusion. This page contains links to reporting on other CCCU schools as well personal blog posts and newsletters by faculty members of CCCU schools. Links will open in a new tab.

“Southern Baptists Confront a ‘Third Way’ on Homosexuality and Sin” – June 9, 2014, Tim Townsend and Jessica Martínez, Pew Research Center

“How LGBT Students Are Changing Christian Colleges” – July 23, 2014, Philip Francis and Mark Longhurst, The Atlantic

“Toeing the Line: Christian Colleges Send Mixed Signals to LGBTQ+ Students” – Sept. 18, 2018, Ginger O’Donnell, Insight Into Diversity

“Most Evangelical College Students Appreciate LGBT People Even If Trustees Don’t” – Feb. 5, 2019, Kevin Singer, Laura Dahl, Alyssa Rockenbach, and Matthew Mayhew, Religion News Service Opinion

“How Christian Colleges Have Been Revising Student Handbooks Since Obergefell” – Mar. 17, 2020, Liam Adams, Christianity Today

“Students at Catholic Colleges Leave with Less Positive Attitudes Toward Gay People Than Their Peers—But That’s Not the Whole Story” – June 3, 2021, The Conversation

“The Slow-Moving Rift in Evangelical Christian Higher Education” – Apr. 22, 2022, Jacob Lupfer, Religion News Service Opinion

“The Hidden Life of a Christian College Professor” – June 30, 2022, Emma Green, New Yorker

“LGBTQ+ Students Lead the Charge for Equal Rights at Religious Colleges and Universities” – Aug. 16, 2022, Greg Evans and Mariah Bohanon, Insight Into Diversity

“LGBTQ+ Advocacy Group Releases List of ‘Worst’ College Campuses for Queer Students” – Sept. 9, 2022, Brooke Migdon, The Hill

“As Pride Club Takes on Yeshiva University, LGBTQ Students at Other Religious Colleges Take Notice” – Sept. 28, 2022, Louis Keene, Forward

Anderson University

“Students Protest Christian University for Upholding Its Religious Values” – July 14, 2022, Alex Munguia and Ben Cook, Campus Reform

Azusa Pacific University

“Students Hold First LGBTQ+ Group Meeting After Reinstatement” – Oct. 3, 2018, Emily Praske, Zu News

Baylor University

“Ending the Discrimination of LGBTQIA+ Students on Baylor’s Campus” Petition –  Oct. 2020,

Baldwin Wallace University

“BW Trustees Vote to End Formal Affiliation with the United Methodist Church” –Apr. 26, 2019, Shawn Salamone, Baldwin Wallace New & Events

“Joint Statement of NASCUMC Member Presidents on the Called General Conference and the Subject of Human Sexuality” – Jan. 5, 2019

Biola University

“Biola Reaffirms LGBTQ Policy after Controversy at Azusa Pacific” – Oct. 12, 2018, Macie Cummins, Austin Green, and Isabelle Thompson, The Biola University Chimes

Calvin University

“One-Third of Professors Sign Letter Opposing CRC Sexuality Report” – Jan. 27, 2021, Juliana Knot, Chimes

“Sexuality Report Response” – Dec. 10, 2020

“‘You Are Loved,’ Calvin Students Say to LGBTQ Peers During Protest Against Homophobic Signs on Campus” – Mar. 11, 2021, Melissa Frick, MLive

“‘I’m Not Going to be Ashamed’: Queer CSR Employee Quits to Speak Freely about Split from Calvin” – Mar. 21, 2022, Harm Venhuizen, Chimes

“Students Petition Calvin University Against LGBTQ+ Policies” – Apr. 6, 2022, Julie Dunmire, Fox 17 WXMI

“‘Walking a Tightrope’: Calvin’s Complicated Stance on LGBTQ+ Issues Has Caused Problems for Decades” – Apr. 10, 2022, Harm Venhuizen, Chimes

“Calvin Denies Reappointment for Professor Who Officiated Same-Sex Marriage” – Apr. 21, 2022, Harm Venhuizen, Chimes

“A Calvin Professor Officiated a Same-Sex Wedding. It Likely Cost Him His Job” – Apr. 22, 2022, Bob Smietana, Religion News Service

“Synod is Over, but What Will Its Decisions Mean for Calvin?” – June 16, 2022, Abigail Ham, Chimes

“An Elite Christian College Has Become The Latest Battleground In America’s Culture Wars” – June 19, 2022, Jonathan Cohn, HuffPost

George Fox University

“Housing Dispute Puts Quaker University at Front of Fight Over Transgender Issues” – July 24, 2014, Joshua Hunt and Richard Pérez-Peña, New York Times

“Viral Video Reignites LGBTQ Debate at Quaker School” – Dec. 5, 2019, Jack Jenkins, San Diego Union-Tribune

Gordon College

“Keeping a Ban, Offering Support” – Mar. 17, 2015, Jake New, Inside Higher Ed

Houghton College

We Are All Houghton website, Amy Coons and Joshua Duttweiler

Lee University

“Lee Handbook ‘Falls Short’ for LGBTQIA+ Students, Alumni Say” – Sept. 21, 2021, Maria Carrasco, Inside Higher Ed

Malone University

“Malone University Students Held Sit-in to Bring Visibility to Professor’s Resignation, LGBTQ+ Climate on Campus” – Oct. 22, 2021, Ken Schneck, The Buckeye Flame

Samford University

“Pro-LGBTQ Clergy Unwelcome at Samford” – Sept. 15, 2022, Katherine Knott, Inside Higher Ed

Westmont College

“Gay Alumni Question Policy of Christian College in Montecito” – Feb. 16, 2011, Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times

“Students Rally to End LGBT Discrimination at Westmont College” – Mar. 9, 2016, Donald Scherschligt, Noozhawk

“Westmont Opposes Bill to Protect LGBTQ Students” – Aug. 17, 2016, Donald Scherschligt, Santa Barbara Independent

Wheaton College

“Wheaton Students Protest ‘Train Wreck Conversion’ Speaker’s Ex-Gay Testimony” – Feb. 21, 2014, Kate Tracy, Christianity Today

OneWheaton Website

“How a Leading Christian College Turned Against Its Gay Leader” – Feb. 23, 2016, Julie Rodgers, Time

Personal Blog Posts and Newsletters

“Awe and Vertigo on the Narrow Ridge” – July 30, 2019, Fred Johnson (Personal Website) (Whitworth University)

“Whitworth University’s Statement on Free Expression and Civil Discourse” – Dec. 31, 2021, Fred Johnson (Personal Website) (Whitworth University)

“LGBTQ in the CRC” – June 19, 2022, Kristen Du Mez, Du Mez Connections Substack Newsletter (Calvin University)

“Cracking the Code” – June 26, 2022, Kristen Du Mez, Du Mez Connections Substack Newsletter (Calvin University)

“Why, More Than Ever, Christian Colleges Need to Inhabit the ‘Messy Middle'” – June 29, 2022, Christopher Gerhz, The Pietist Schoolman (Personal Website) (Bethel University)

“Status Confessionis” – July 11, 2022, Joel Carpenter, Reformed Journal Blog, (Calvin University)