News and Media Links

This page contains links to associated media and reporting on LGBTQIA+-related issues at Seattle Pacific University. Stories are arranged chronologically. All links will open in a new tab.

Affirm – a group of students, alumni, staff and faculty dedicated to ending anti-LGBTQ+ policies and culture at Seattle Pacific University

A History of Queer Activism at SPU – a grant-funded project prepared by six SPU history students (through SERVE—Spiritual and Educational Resources for Vocational Exploration) between 2021 and 2023, exploring the history of queer activism at SPU.

Queer S.P.A.C.E: Seattle Pacific Alumni Coalition for Equity

Veterans of Culture Wars Podcast, featuring Dr. Christopher T.F. Hanson and Cambria Judd Babbitt – (Apple Podcasts) (Spotify)

National Media

“Seattle Pacific University Faculty Vote No Confidence in Board Over LGBTQ Exclusion” – Apr. 20, 2021, Religion News Service

“Seattle Pacific Faculty at Odds With Board Over LGBTQ Policy” – Apr. 22, 2021, Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher-Ed

“Students Protest Against a Seattle University’s Ban on LGBTQ Employees” – May 30, 2022, Jonathan Franklin, NPR

“The Board of Trustees vs. Everyone” – June 8, 2022, Josh Moody, Inside Higher-Ed

“Graduating Students Hand College President Pride Flags Over Anti-LGBT Rules” – June 13, 2022, Matt Keeley, Newsweek

“The Students Staging a Sit-In for LGBTQ+ Rights at a Christian University” – June 14, 2022, Hallie Golden, The Guardian

“Graduating Students at Seattle Pacific University Gave Pride Flags to Their Interim President During a Commencement Ceremony to Protest Anti-LGBTQ Hiring Policy” – June 15, 2022, Sharif Paget, CNN

“They Protested with Pride Flags at Graduation. Their Fight Isn’t Over.” – June 23, 2022, Samantha Chery, Washington Post

“This University Upheld Its Anti-LGBTQ Policy. Students and Faculty Say It’s Time to Change.” – July 6, 2022, Isha Trivedi, Chronicle of Higher Education

“Protests, Pride Flags, Lawsuits: Inside a Christian University’s Fight for LGBTQ Inclusion” – July 21, 2022, Mitchell Atencio, Sojourners

“Seattle Pacific University Sues Washington State Over Probe into LGBTQ Exclusion” – July 28, 2022, Alejandra Molina, Religion News Service

“Seattle Pacific University Under Investigation for anti-LGBTQ Hiring Policy, State AG Confirms” – July 29, 2022, Jennifer Henderson and Danielle Sills, CNN

A Private University Drew a State Investigation for Its Anti-LGBTQ Policy. So It’s Suing.” – July 29, 2022, Ishi Trivedi, Chronicle of Higher Education

“Seattle Pacific Sues Washington AG” – Aug. 1, 2022, Josh Moody, Inside Higer-Ed

“Under Investigation for Discrimination, Seattle Pacific University Sues” – Aug. 5, 2022, Mitchell Atencio, Sojourners

“Washington State Seeks Dismissal of SPU’s Suit Claiming Religious Rights Violations” – Aug. 23, 2022, Alejandra Molina, Religion News Service

“Faculty, Students Sue Christian School Over LGBTQ Hiring Ban” – Sept. 12, 2022, David Crary, AP News

“Students, Faculty Sue to Stop Trustees from ‘Destroying’ Seattle Pacific University” – Sept. 12, 2022, Mitchell Atencio, Sojourners

“Seattle Pacific University Leaders are Sued for Anti-LGBTQ Hiring Practices” – Sept. 13, 2022, Dustin Jones, NPR

“A Religious University Is ‘Imploding’ Thanks to Its Anti-LGBTQ Hiring Policy, Lawsuit Says” – Sept. 13, 2022, Grace Mayer, The Chronicle of Higher Education

“Seattle Pacific Trustees Sued Over Anti-LGBTQ+ Hiring Policy” – Sept. 13, 2022, Josh Moody, Inside Higher Ed

Local Media

“Seattle Pacific University Faculty Votes ‘No Confidence’ in Leadership after Board Upholds Discriminatory Hiring Policy” – Apr. 26, 2021, Elise Takahama, Seattle Times

“Opinion: SPU Can Atone for Harmful History by Embracing LGBTQ Community” – May 4, 2021, Kevin D. Pearson (SPU ’84), Seattle Times

“Editorial: SPU Should Listen and Be Transparent about LGBTQ Policies” – May 5, 2021, Editorial Board, Seattle Times

“Seattle Pacific University Students Walk Out after Board Reaffirms Discriminatory Hiring Policy” – May 24, 2022, Jeanie Lindsay, Seattle Times

“SPU Student Walkout Protests University’s Policy on Employee Sexuality” – May 24, 2022, Kristin Goodwillie, King5

“Students and Staff Protest Seattle Pacific University’s Ban on LGBTQ Employees” – May 26, 2022, Paige Browning,

“‘This Doesn’t Feel Like Love’: SPU Students Sit-In for LGBTQ Equality on Campus” – June 1, 2022, Libby Denkman and Noel Gasca,

“Washington AG Investigating Seattle Pacific University for Potential Discrimination” – July 29, 2022,

“Seattle Pacific University Sues WA Attorney General, Saying Probe into LGBTQ+ Policies Violates Religious Freedom” – July 30, 2022, Nina Shapiro, Seattle Times

“Seattle Pacific University is Imploding, Lawsuit Argues” – Sept. 13, 2022, Nina Shapiro, Seattle Times

“Seattle Pacific University Leaders Sued Over LGBTQ Policies” – Sept. 13, 2022, Paige Browning and Dyer Oxley,

“Seattle Pacific University Staffer Tells Christian Campus: ‘I Am a Lesbian” – Sept. 16, 2022, Nina Shapiro, Seattle Times