This timeline records events related to SPU’s hiring policy, the “Statement on Human Sexuality,” and other LGBTQ+ issues since January 2021.

January 11 2021

SPU Sued for Discrimination

An SPU adjunct sues SPU, alleging SPU declined to consider..Read More

January 20 2021

Human Sexuality Survey of Faculty & Staff

Faculty Council administers a Human Sexuality survey to faculty and..Read More

February 1 2021
February 17 2021

Survey Analysis Presented to Faculty Council & Board of Trustees

Emerita faculty provides Faculty Council and the Board with a..Read More

February 24 2021

SPU’s Theology Student Union Objects to the Conduct Policy

On February 24, 2021, the Theology Student Union at SPU..Read More

March 3 2021

Board of Trustees Studies Survey Results & Community Feedback

President Dan Martin reports that at the February Board meeting..Read More

March 15 2021

Board of Trustees Deliberates Over Policy

SPU Board of Trustees calls a special confidential meeting to..Read More

March 29 2021
March 30 2021

President Dan Martin Resigns

President Dan Martin resigns in his ninth year of service..Read More

April 12 2021

Board of Trustees Announces Decision to Retain Policy

Board Chair Cedric Davis announces in an online employee forum..Read More

April 14 2021

SPU Theology Professors Object to Board Decision

Two School of Theology professors object to the Board’s decision..Read More

April 16 2021

Students, Staff & Faculty Hold Candlelight Vigil

In response to the Board’s decision to maintain the employee..Read More

April 19 2021

SPU Faculty Votes No Confidence in BOT

Faculty vote to issue a Statement of No Confidence in..Read More

April 26 2021

Board of Trustees Replies to Faculty No Confidence Vote

The Board of Trustees replies to the Faculty Statement of..Read More

May 6 2021

Faculty Senate Establishes Faculty LGBTQIA+ Task Force

Faculty Senate approves a motion to establish the “Faculty LGBTQIA+..Read More

May 13 2021

Trustee Gary Ames Passes Away

Gary Ames, respected BOT member and generous donor, suddenly passes..Read More

May 24 2021

Board Meets with Faculty Council

To discuss what led to the Statement of No Confidence,..Read More

June 28 2021

Dr. Pete C. Menjares Appointed Interim President

Dr. Pete C. Menjares, currently serving as a Board member,..Read More

June 30 2021

Trustee Weibling Resigns

Trustee Dennis Weibling resigns from the Board before completing his..Read More

September 7 2021

Board of Trustees Hires External Consultants

In response to the breakdown of communication and trust between..Read More

September 23 2021

Board of Trustees Outlines Priorities

The Board affirms that they are committed to ongoing conversation..Read More

November 8 2021

Board of Trustees Meets with Faculty LGBTQIA+ Task Force

Venture International arranges a meeting between the Board and the..Read More

November 15 2021

Faculty LGBTQIA+ Task Force Sends Letter to the Board

The Faculty LGBTQIA+ Task Force sends a letter to the..Read More

November 22 2021

Board Extends Terms of 3 Members, Elects New FMC Member

In order “to provide continuity during this interim leadership period,”..Read More

November 23 2021

Board Apologizes for Events of Previous Spring

After the November 2021 Board meeting, the Board of Trustees..Read More

December 1 2021

Consultants Present Findings to SPU Community

After the Venture International consultants present their findings at the..Read More

December 6 2021

Board of Trustees Meets with Faculty Council

The Board meets with Faculty Council to discuss the consultants’..Read More

December 15 2021

Work Groups Formed

The Board, administration, and faculty work together to compose several..Read More

January 11 2022

LGBTQIA+ Work Group Initiated

The formation of the LGBTQIA+ Work Group is announced. The..Read More

January 11 2022

“Voices of Campus” Survey

The Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (SPU’s student governance body)..Read More

February 24 2022

Board & Faculty Council Attend Shared Governance Workshop

As part of the February Board meeting, the Board of..Read More

March 1 2022

Trustee Chang Resigns

Trustee Tina Chang resigns before completing her term.

April 15 2022

LGBTQIA+ Work Group Extends Deadline

Asking the community for a little more time, the LGBTQIA+..Read More

April 22 2022

LGBTQIA+ Work Group Presents to Board of Trustees

The co-chairs of the LGBTQIA+ Work Group give a confidential..Read More

May 2 2022

SPU Settles Rinedahl’s Suit

SPU settles Jeaux Rinedahl’s suit against the university; the announcement..Read More

May 5 2022

Two SPU Trustees Bring Resolution to the Free Methodist Church

Sometime after the LGBTQIA+ Work Group presentation on April 22,..Read More

May 6 2022
May 10 2022

LGBTQIA+ Work Group Shares Summary of Recommendations with SPU Community

The LGBTQIA+ Work Group shares a summary of the report..Read More

May 10 2022
May 18 2022

SPU Faculty Council Requests Recusal of Two Trustees

SPU Faculty Council sends a letter to Interim President Menjares..Read More

May 19 2022

Faculty Chair Delivers Address to Board

During the May Board meeting, Faculty Chair April Middeljans delivers..Read More

May 19 2022

Theology Professor Presents History of the Statement of Faith to the Board

Professor of Moral and Historical Theology Richard Steele presents the..Read More

May 19 2022

Trustee Martinez Resigns

Trustee Denise Martinez, an SPU Ames Scholar alum, resigns from..Read More

May 20 2022

Trustee Johnson Resigns

Board member Kevin Johnson, another SPU Ames Scholar alum, resigns,..Read More

May 23 2022

Board of Trustees Reaffirms Hiring Policy

SPU Board of Trustees announces they will continue to maintain..Read More

May 23 2022

Alumni Pledge to Withhold Support from SPU

Student governance (ASSP) organizes an alumni letter to the board..Read More

May 24 2022

Students, Staff and Faculty Walk Out

On May 24, 2022, in protest against the Board’s decision..Read More

May 24 2022

Students Organize Sit-In in Demaray Hall

Students begin occupying the 2nd floor of Demaray Hall outside..Read More

May 25 2022

Menjares Announces that Three Trustees Have Resigned & Recused Members Have Been Re-elected

Interim President Menjares shares an overview and reports from the..Read More

May 26 2022

Board Chair Cedric Davis Resigns

Board Chair Cedric Davis resigns. Davis had reached the end..Read More

May 26 2022

Board of Trustees Holds Town Hall Meeting

SPU Board of Trustees holds a town hall meeting with..Read More

June 1 2022

Students Raise Funds for Lawsuit Against Board of Trustees

On June 1, 2022, SPU students begin a GoFundMe page..Read More

June 3 2022

SPU Faculty Senate Passes Resolution Endorsing “Third Way”

SPU Faculty Senate passes a “Resolution to Endorse the ‘Third..Read More

June 8 2022

Attorney General of Washington Requests Info on SPU Hiring Practices

The Attorney General of Washington State sends a letter to..Read More

June 12 2022

Students Hand President Pride Flags at Graduation

On June 12, 2022, at SPU’s graduation ceremony in the..Read More

July 1 2022

Board of Trustees Responds to Student Sit-In Demands

On the student sit-in deadline of July 1, 2022, Board..Read More

July 27 2022

SPU Files Complaint against Attorney General of Washington

SPU files a complaint against the the Attorney General of..Read More

July 28 2022

SPU Announces Legal Action against Attorney General of Washington

Interim President Menjares informs the SPU community that in response..Read More

August 1 2022

Trustees Jason Garcia and Mike McKee Resign

Trustee Jason Garcia resigns after one year of service. Trustee..Read More

August 4 2022

CCCU Objects to Use of “Homophobic” to Describe SPU’s Conduct Policy

The Chief Communications Officer for the Council for Christian Colleges..Read More

August 16 2022
August 21 2022

Sociology Professor Publishes Response to SPU Lawsuit

Professor of Sociology Kevin Neuhouser publishes an op ed in..Read More

September 1 2022

Faculty & Staff Walk Out of “State of the University” Address

At the beginning of Interim President Pete Menjares’s “State of..Read More

September 12 2022
September 27 2022

Faculty Council Submit Formal Complaint to NWCCU

SPU’s Faculty Council submits a formal complaint regarding SPU Board..Read More