The Falcon

This page contains links to selected stories from The Falcon, SPU’s independent student newspaper:

Following January 2021 Rinedahl Lawsuit

“Nursing Professor Sues SPU for Discrimination” – Jan. 12, 2021, Kyle Morrison

“Opening statement: SPU releases first statement since Rinedahl lawsuit” – Jan. 15, 2021, Kyle Morrison

“SPU comes out: Student body demonstrates for LGBTQIA+ rights outside President’s house” – Jan. 16, 2021, Kyle Morrison

“Examining all angles of lawsuit: Taking a deeper dive into the legal, PR, Theological, and ethical challenges the University faces in the Rinedahl lawsuit” – Feb. 3, 2021, Kyle Morrison and Kit Nowicki

“SPU’s Relationship with the Free Methodist Church” – Feb. 3, 2021, Carlos Snellenberg-Frasier

“SPU Faculty, Staff Letter of Lament” – Feb. 12, 2021, Kyle Morrison

“Faculty and Staff Take Action” – Feb. 14, 2021, Kyle Morrison

Response to April 2021 Board Decision to Maintain Hiring Policy

“No Change in Human Sexuality Statement” – Apr. 12, 2021, Kyle Morrison

“Faculty Send Swift Rebuke to Board of Trustees” – Apr. 14, 2021, Carlos Snellenberg-Frasier

“SPU Student and Faculty Gather for Candlelight Vigil” – Apr. 19, 2021, Perris Larson

“Faculty Release Statement of No Confidence in Board of Trustees” – Apr. 19, 2021, Santi Quiroga Medina

“Board Responds to Faculty Vote of No Confidence” – Apr. 27, 2021, Kyle Morrison

“Faculty Creates Task Force” – May 26, 2021, Carlos Snellenberg-Frasier

September 2021–May 2022

“LGBTQIA+ Demonstration on First Day of Classes” – Sept. 22, 2021, Audrey Oscarson

“Consulting Crisis in Times of Transition: Board Consultants Called in for Crisis Management” – Sept. 29, 2021, Aubrey Acuna

“ASSP Calls for Public Action” – Oct. 1, 2021, Santi Quiroga Medina

“Chapel Talk Takes Unexpected Turn” – Oct. 6, 2021, Carlos Snellenberg-Frasier

“Listening and Learning: LGBTQIA+ Representation Once Again at the Forefront of Conversation” – Nov. 10, 2021, Audrey Oscarson

“Setting the Stage: Court Determines SPU Cannot Discriminate on Basis of Sexual Orientation when Hiring” – Jan. 12, 2022, Audrey Oscarson

“SPU Creates Work Group to Find LGBTQIA+ Resolution” – Jan. 26, 2022, Audrey Oscarson and Kyle Morrison

“Creating Space for All People: LGBTQIA+ Work Group Discusses Sexuality, Plans for the Future” – Mar. 2, 2022, Trayton Pike

“Sexual Shame on Christian Campuses” – May 4, 2022, Kyle Morrison

“Settled: University Settles Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawsuit” – May 5, 2022, Santi Quiroga Medina

“Reconciliation Report: Students Reactions to Work Group Announcement” – May 12, 2022, Audrey Oscarson

“Campus Community Wrestles with Next Steps: Policy’s Fate in Hands of Board of Trustees, Still” – May 18, 2022, Kyle Morrison

“Protest on the Stairs: Emotions Run High During Most Recent Protest for LGBTQIA+ Representation” – May 20, 2022, Audrey Oscarson

May 2022 Board Decision

“Decided: Students Grapple with Announcement Regarding Sexual Conduct Expectations” – May 23, 2022, Audrey Oscarson and Caleb Cissna

“Protests Proceed: Public Demonstrations Continue Following Board Decision” – May 24, 2022, Santi Quiroga Medina, Hailey Echan, Sydney Lorton, and Aubrey Rhoadarmer

“Discussed: Students, Staff, Share Their Frustrations after Board of Trustees Participate in Town Hall” – May 26, 2022, Caleb Cissna

September 2022–

“Controversy Continues: Hiring Policies Result in Two New Lawsuits” – Sept. 13, 2022, Audrey Oscarson

“First Day Outcries: Students Host Protest in Martin Square Following Lawsuit” – Sept. 13, 2022, Audrey Oscarson